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Steel Structure Construction

Specialized for steel structure fabrication and installation  using IWF and Hbeam materials, IWF honeycomb, King Cross, etc.

We handle the needs of warehouses, industrial buildings, workshops, that can be safely entrusted to our services.

All-in-One Building Construction

Beside the steel structure, we the entire building from concrete structure, all the civil works - mechanical and electrical.

Our construction works encompass footprint, column structures, beam, floors, walls, roofs, paintings, lightings, plumbing.

Baja | Struktur | Gudang | Konstruksi | Kontraktor Gudang | Kontraktor Gedung Komersia & Perkantoran | Struktur Helipad | Kontraktor
Heliport / Helipad Construction

The growing need for air transport nowadays and in the future inspires us to construct heliport / helicopter runways and related equipments required for efficient and safe operation.

It include marker paintings, lights, and other equipment


PT. Duta Megah Persada, established in North Jakarta in 1995 is a well known building contractor -specializing in steel structure for buildings of various size. We have successfully completed projects such as office buildings, warehouses, factories, dwelling houses and many other buildings according need. Apart from these we do construction of other facilities such as helicopter runway construction, watertreatment system, to mention a few of many building contracts we have completed and continue to execute these works.

Our vision is to be provide outstanding  quality of construction up to the finishing of our works.
We strive to be on the frontline of contributors to the country's infrastructure that can be relied upon to last for decades.

It is our company's culture to always be committed to deliver our products to the satisfaction of our clients.









Factory Building Structure - PT. Nippon Denso

Factory Building - PT. Komatsu Indonesia

Wisma Elcipta - PT. Metrix Elcipta

Warehouses - PT. Pindo Deli Pulp & Paper

Workshop - PT. Lingga Kusuma Pratama

Terminal - PT. Humpuss

Factory building - PT. JOF Metal

Feed Miils Factory Building - PT. Kerta Mulya

Hall Tennis Bujana Tirta - PT. DGI

Factory Building - PT. Cheil Jedang

Storage building & warehouses - PT. Prima Muda Garisari

Korean Supermarket "Mu Gung Hwa"

Factory Building - LG Electronic Indonesia

Coal Mixing Storage Structure - PT. Semen Padang

Helipad Structure & Equipment - Aryaduta hotel

Graha Medika Hospital - PT. Multikon

Gading food centre - PT. Multikon

Workshop - Aryaduta Imperial Century Hotel

Helipad Structure & Equipment - Grand Hyatt Hotel & Hyatt regency Hotel

Water treatment system - Aryaduta Hotel

Bowling Centre - WTC Serpong

Training Centre building - PPMJ Jakarta

Office Building - PT. Sumber Piranti

Helipad Structure & Equipment - PT. Lippo Karawaci

Helipad Structure & Equipment - Kemang

Helipad Structure & Equipment - PT. Ekspress Transportasi Antarbenua

Helipad Structure & Equipment - PT. Indika Energy

and many more...



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